In 2014 “Mc Laughlins” decided that the quality and availability of Smokeless Solid Fuels in Ireland was not of a good enough standard.

In June 2014, we built Irelands first dedicated Smokeless Coal and Solid Fuel Production Plant. With our own in house Research and Development facility. “Mc Laughlins” set about developing smokeless solid fuels specifically for the “Irish Smokeless Zone”.

Ecoglow Smokeless was the first Irish designed and manufactured smokeless fuel to come to market. Ecoglow has firmly established itself as one of the best smokeless fuels on the market. High heat output, low ash, long burn cycle (up to 80% longer than coal) combined with consistent size and quality has made Ecoglow Irelands favourite smokeless fuel. Ecoglow is suitable for open fires, stoves, ranges, smoke controlled zones and non-smoke controlled areas. Ecoglow is the best choice wherever your home is.

Next to market was Eco-stove. Designed in house in our own research and development facility. Specifically designed for the new Irish Smokeless Zones. Eco-stove is designed to suit all stove users throughout Ireland. Eco-stove is super long lasting, low ash, clean burning and combined with a consistent size and quality make

Eco-stove the No. 1 choice with all stove lovers. Eco-stove will not stain your stoves glass doors and will pro-long the life span of your stove.

Mc Laughlin Fuels Research Team next turned their attention to traditional smoky coal users. They designed a fuel to cut the smoke, ash and emissions from burning traditional smoky coal.

Firebrite is a semi-smokeless fuel designed for the Irish market. Firebrite is long lasting, lower in ash and cleaner on your appliance. Firebrite gives all the benefits of Smokeless Fuel to the traditional coal burners. Firebrite is an excellent fuel in stoves, open fires, ranges, multi-fuel stoves etc.

Mc Laughlins Smokeless Fuels are leading the fight against the burning of smoky coal. Our Fuels are cleaner burning, longer lasting, less polluting and better value for money than traditional smoky coal. Mc Laughlins Smokeless Fuels will light up your life like no other fuel.” We have the solution for you, talk to us today”.

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